The Process

Canvas prints are made by printing a photo straight onto a canvas, which is stretched or covered around a frame, covering the image around the cots or using a white or colored border. Canvas collection wraps can be made to bespoke dimensions – meaning that, big or small, the completion outcome will be a private print. A UV laminate can safeguard canvas prints before they’re wrapped around the wooden frame. Acrylic photo printing entails printing onto photographic paper and sandwiching in between 2 sheets of 5mm acrylic. The backside sheet of acrylic can be black, white, or transparent, depending on which ideal suits the design of the photo. Aluminum standoffs are used to attach the acrylic frame to the wall, providing it aesthetic deepness.


Acrylic photo prints are created, making use of two distinctive procedures. The first process prints your photo directly onto the acrylic and seals it with a white back coating. The 2nd, described as face place, prints the image onto paper and after that is sandwiched behind the acrylic.

Canvas prints are created by printing your image straight onto a canvas, which is then extended and secured around a wooden frame. Additionally, you can choose your custom-made photo gifts to be installed within a frame.

Choices, Decisions

When determining which sort of method will best enhance your custom-made photo presents, take the complying with right into account:


Regarding showing your end product, it’s necessary to consider the visual you’re aiming for. To achieve a sleek and also modern look, acrylic printing offers dynamic and also sharp photos. While it is still not as broadly used as canvas printing, acrylic photo printing continues to grow in demand – and also is especially vital for professionals that put a good deal of value in presentation. Canvas printing, nevertheless, produces a textured coating to provide your print a much more traditional and authentic look. Canvases are the even more preferred choice in indoor layout and home-style, offering an easy and budget-friendly way to present prints. On the other hand, acrylics are commonly used in a much more commercial setting, especially in office rooms and function areas.


What are the attributes of the area in which your brand-new print will hang? Exists a great deal of light? Just how is the location used? What kind of embellishing design is already dominant? A midtown loft space with great deals of light and huge rooms provides a suitable backdrop for an acrylic print to shine. A canvas print is possibly the much better choice for spaces with restrained lights or a kicked-back feel. A rustic cabin in the woods would ideally balance out a canvas print of any kind of dimension.

Shade Vibrancy

Where vibrancy is concerned, acrylic prints have a side on canvas printing – with the face place choice making the most of the reflective top quality of acrylic. Because no light goes through an acrylic print, bottomless, abundant shades can keep their vibrancy. In canvas printing, on the other hand, even more color needs to be included to guarantee the very best ink protection, which implies that outlining can be shed.

Color Sharpness

As has been stated, acrylic prints use an advantage over canvas prints when it concerns color intensity, which can enhance photo vibrancy. This remains in component sustained by the reflective surface area of acrylic prints. It restricts light from going through the surface area of the image, which ensures photo colors can maintain their sharpness when being checked out from all sides of the print.

The printing process will add even more shade on canvas prints to achieve the most satisfactory color insurance coverage for the photo being used. This is the primary means printers make sure that image detailing is not lost. Our printers are masters at this process, making sure ink spread across the canvas is accomplished each time. This will undoubtedly ensure that the last completed print looks precisely like your vivid photograph.


Sometimes occasions take place. If your print is entering a game room, classroom, or someplace where it will need to withstand life’s tough knocks, acrylic is the way to go. The high fundamental qualities shield your image from moisture, UV rays, as well as unexpected setbacks. Canvas is a much better fit to even more quiet areas in your house, as it can come down with rips or frame damage. Canvas prints, nevertheless, trigger fewer personal casualties if the unimaginable occurs.

Stamina and Life Span

Usually, both the UV defense and laminate applied to canvas prints make sure that the prints’ surface is safeguarded from the bumps and scrapes that can occur when you’re relocating your pictures around your house or office. The laminate also offers water damage protection while enabling you to be still able to cleanse the canvas with a wet cloth. The effectiveness of the canvas material, paired with the surface area therapy used, makes sure that you will undoubtedly obtain 70+ years of high quality out of an excellent canvas print.

On the other hand, acrylic prints, by the nature of the printing procedure and surface applied, offer a lot more safety advantages and long life for your image. The toughness of the surface makes sure that they are resistant to most breaks and scrapes while still being light adequate to walk around any type of space uncreative. Like canvas prints, they are also moisture resistant and easy to tidy with a moist towel while likewise being resistant to damage from sunlight.


If you should bring your prints with you, canvas prints are ready to road-trip. Lightweight and very easy to present, canvas has the advantage over acrylics, which are inherently heavier and typically need sturdy mounts. Consider the distinction in weight if your art is being delivered, especially worldwide. We provide rolled canvas prints simply for this scenario!

Your Budget

Undoubtedly, canvas beats acrylic for price. Canvas prints give interest and style for a fraction of the cost of acrylic photo printings due to the distinctions in products and processing. If you want to maximize your art budget plan, choosing canvas will undoubtedly allow you a lot more art for your dollar. That stated the cost of acrylic prints is a financial investment in your artwork. It may be the only way to get the idea to ask for that spectacular photo.

We recommend you attempt both canvas prints or acrylic prints and see which one you love. Variety is the flavor of life, after all.

Bottom line

Finally, the print kind you choose will certainly rely on your image, budget, and unique design choices.

Canvas prints use a more timeless yet versatile, consider a low price. Canvas prints are a long-lasting item. They are durable and will certainly still show the quality of the picture related to the material, consisting of the richness of shade. A canvas print from us will undoubtedly be with you for over 70 years without fading in picture quality.

Acrylic prints work wonderfully as a modern-style print that showcases highly detailed or highly saturated pictures. They’re available at a costs rate, yet the price is warranted based upon the finish, deepness, and intensity you will certainly get with your final picture – along with an extended item life. Which print will you pick? Check our variety today to decide!